Amended Return

What are Amended Returns?

amended return in houstonIf you make a mistake on a tax return which you’ve already filed, the Internal Revenu Service allows you to correct the mistakes by using and submitting an amended tax return back to them (Alternatively known as form 1040x). If the correction consequences is an increase in the amount of tax you owe, it’s to your advantage in amending your taxes, in an effort to lower the taxes, interests, and penalties.

A tax return filed so one can make corrections to a tax return from an original return. An amended tax return can be used to remove errors and declare a more positive tax filing. for instance, one may select to report an amended return in times of misreported income, tax credits or dependents. Mathematical mistakes, however, would no longer require amendments, because the IRS will routinely correct for such mistakes.

Breakdown of Amended Return

In order to be able to start an amended return is to see if it is applicable to you as mentioned above. Second, to get started we need to apply for changes using the form 1040X which can be found on IRS website. Keep in mind on amended return there are subject to 3 years statues of limitations for you to get a refund, however, you can change it even after the 3 years, but IRS will not issue a tax refund check. An amended return filed to account for a return that resulted in underpaid taxes does not fall under any such statute. Get more information on IRS WEBSITE.

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