Get Your EIN


Employer Identification NumberA business uses an employer identification number in the same way that a person uses a social security number. Whenever a company is hired for a job, it must supply  its EIN so that the employer can report money paid to the Internal Revenue Service. The two documents that allow this transfer of information are the EIN assignment letter that a business receives from the IRS when an EIN is initially requested and  an IRS form W-9. The business fills the W-9 form for each employee it works for to verify its EIN for reporting purposes.


How To Apply For Employer Identification Number? 

To apply for EIN online. Go to the IRS website. Go to the section that allows companies to apply for an EIN online. Use an electronic system to fill the SS-4, “Application for Employer Identification Number.” The system will ask basic information, including name and address of the business, type of business entity, what state it is formed and the name, address and social identification number of the responsible party. The system assigns an EIN number immediately after the request. it Informs you of the number and generates an official EIN assignment letter in PDF format.


Save a copy of the EIN assignment letter on your hard disk. The online PDF version of the EIN assignment letter is the only version the IRS provides. The letter is an official business document that you can open a bank account with, and for many other purposes. Print a copy of the letter for your business records purposes.


Contact the IRS for a copy of your letter EIN assignment: If you have misplaced your EIN number or assignment letter, you can contact the IRS for a replacement. Download the printed instructions for Form SS-4. Look for the IRS contact information for your area or state. Call the local office or send a letter requesting for the EIN replacement assignment letter.

 What is form W-9?

Download an IRS Form W-9 from the IRS website: A w-9 form is a one-page form which allows companies to submit basic information to the employer so that an employer can report payments of the IRS. The form requires business name, address, and the employer identification number assigned and is signed by a responsible party.


Fill out Form W-9 and provide a copy on request: Form W-9 is completed by the company and provided to the employer or customer who employs the company to do a job. The employer keeps the W-9 on file, using the information to complete the year-end report to the IRS on all payments to contractors. Provide a W-9 to every employer who hires.