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Katy tax preparationGreenTreeTax®, founded in 2014, is the best tax preparation service in Houston. Our affordable Katy tax preparation is available for individuals, business owners, and tax professionals. Our calculations offer the highest degree of accuracy and are provided by professional tax accountants. All forms are approved by the IRS and the state.


How to file taxes online.

 You can file your taxes online for free. Many people think filing online is expensive because it requires certified tax preparation software. GreenTree has a list of IRS-certified commercial tax preparation software packages and web applications to fit all budgets, including options where we give free estimates.


Important facts of Katy tax Preparation

 Income tax and benefit returns filed online must be prepared using an IRS-certified tax preparation software or web application.


Before filing online, make sure your information, including your address, is up-to-date. You can look up or change your information online before filing your tax return.


Why file taxes online?


* Easier to prepare.

* More secured.

* Faster processing.

*Free estimates.


How to file taxes online at Green Tree.


At GreenTree, we made it easy for our potential clients to file taxes online. Clients who wish to follow this process should log into our website and use the free Katy tax preparation estimate submission form to submit their names, primary phone number, e-mail address and the photocopy of the required documents. Our team of professionals will study their form and provide free estimates.


Our mission is to enable people to navigate the complexities of tax and finance easily and accurately at a fair price. We accomplish this by offering a full range of online  and mobile solutions to make tax filing fast, easy and affordable for individuals and small business owners. As proof of our commitment to helping business owners, GreenTree offers the only product line for small and medium-sized businesses.


We also have a group of professionals, who have been in this industry for years with a good experience in preparing tax returns and defending you from the IRS.


Exactly what you need for less


The entire GreenTree Katy tax Preparation provides an easy and comprehensive step-by-step guide to help tax filers to complete their taxes returns and get the best possible result without paying premium prices.


GreenTree offers a personalized experience and services built to grow with tax filers as its financial situation evolves. From first timers to those who have been filing taxes for years. The company provides the tools and resources to prepare and file both simple and complex returns.


Most tax returns can be filed immediately in less than 30 minutes. The returns are always filed accurately, and as quickly as possible, without cutting any corners or missing any deductions. The tax returns are always double checked on completion for accuracy. In addition, our customer service is unmatched. You will find that all staff members are professionals, genuinely friendly, helpful and competent in guiding you through the complex tax system. Complimentary refreshments are available to clients who visit our office.


Backed by its long-time precision, the maximum refund, price lock, satisfaction, and guarantees. GreenTree empowers tax filers to complete their returns with confidence and for less money. The company is the best tax preparation service in Houston.


Green Tree offers the best Katy tax preparation returns tools and objective advice to help people understand their tax options and make the best possible decisions.


We are thinking way outside the box


We all have faced financial choices at some point. And for a long time, people have been forced to navigate some very pretty important decisions without a whole lot of clarity.


We set out our services in such a way to make things very easy for our clients. Our straightforward tools and honest advice help guide you out of debt, calculate your taxes, make sure you’re on the right track to successful tax filing.




It’s very simple: You’re our first priority. The guidance we provide, the info we offer, and tools we create are objective, independent, and straightforward.




As certified tax preparers we know our stuff and are held to a very high standard even higher than required by the IRS. We know the tax code better than anyone. We ask more of the right questions to find the credits and deductions you deserve and others miss. Bottom line – your tax return is 100% accurate or we pay.




When you file your taxes at GreenTree® you’ll get the security of knowing that we stand behind our work – 100% Guaranteed. We work harder, dig deeper and fight for you to get you 100% of your hard earned money. We know how to make the tax code work for you. Come try us. Today. We are the best tax preparation service in Houston.




We will handle your tax return like it’s my own.

It will be 100% accurate.

We guarantee it.


 GreenTree Promise:


* We know our stuff.

* We make it easy.

* We help you get ahead.

* We fight for you.

* You’re welcome here.